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Phrases to avoid in the current economic climate 20 November, 2008

Posted by Jay Ball in Uncategorized.

the-great-depressionWell, ‘in the current economic climate’ would be one. It’s becoming almost impossible to pick up a newspaper or read any marketing copy without encountering wording to this effect – ‘in the current downturn’, ‘in these challenging times’ etc.

Of course, the reason for using them is empathy – we get it, we understand, we feel your pain. The problem is that customers don’t really care that much whether you feel their pain or not. They’re far more interested in actually dealing with that pain.

No one needs reminding of the problems the global economy faces at the moment. So dwelling on it in your messaging is at best a waste of precious space and at worst setting the customer on a downer before you even begin.

It is far better to go straight in to telling them why your product can solve real problems right now than, in the words of John Cleese, wasting time on a ‘statement of the bleeding obvious’.

And let’s be clear, the real problems to fix for your customers are not the economic climate and a global recession (although I’d give you a round of applause if you could). The real problems are that they need more customers, more profitable ways of working and more revenue. Simple really.



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