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Windows Mojave – everything you wanted in Vista… in Vista 5 August, 2008

Posted by Jay Ball in Uncategorized.

As mentioned here and many, many other places, Vista has taken quite a beating since its launch. At times, it seems that the weight of negative opinion means that Vista is doomed to failure (prompting reports that Microsoft might simply move on and focus on Windows 7). But is the perception accurate?

Enter the Mojave Experiment. Get a bunch of Vista refuseniks in a room, show them ‘the latest Windows operating system’ codenamed Windows Mojave and film their reactions. Then tell them they’ve just experienced Vista.

Now of course this will be a fresh install on a pretty tricked out machine but as a way of countering the negative perception it’s pretty good. Now, if only they created this a year back before the anti-vista avalanche gained so much power and supported it with a whole range of grass roots activity I think it would have had more of a chance.

And, of course, the sense of having to be suckered to get the message doesn’t generally go down well – it took just 2 days for this spoof out-takes video to be posted in response.



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