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Experience is everything 26 June, 2008

Posted by Jay Ball in Uncategorized.

After having it on back order for what seems forever, I’ve recently got Adaptive Path‘s new book, Subject to Change. And so far, so good.

Broadly speaking the thrust of it is that you can’t stop things changing but if you start from the perspective of delivering a great customer experience you will stand a better chance over time. Of course, working out what ‘great’ means for your customers is not always simple. And then the real trick is actually doing it. The focus of the book is primarily on product design but the principles go further.

When you consider that in many markets any real differentiation between products is close to non-existent and then factor in the speed of change and the limited attention of customers, a shift in focus could be wise. Traditionally this means focusing on brand but with ever growing disenchantment with brands as all spin, little substance another approach may be better.

Focusing more explicitly on customers’ experiences of marketing leads to thinking about something more immersive that has value in its own right. It tends to strip out gimmicks (never a bad thing). And it highlights the truism that communication is about what the audience takes out not what we put in.

The authors have thoughtfully put up a presentation covering the core themes of the book ā€“ it’s half an hour well spent.



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