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Free creativity ebook 22 April, 2008

Posted by Jay Ball in creativity, Uncategorized.

a small guide to big ideas

Don’t say I never give you anything.

You can now download your free, gratis, for-absolutely-no-money copy of Cracked: a small guide to big ideas. Originally created as a printed book for internal and client use, Cracked is a guide to creative problem solving. In it I cover some ways to approach marketing problems, a bit on audiences and then a bunch of creative tips, tricks and techniques. I’ve reformatted it for screen and it weighs in at 472Kb.

I’ve licensed Cracked under Creative Commons which basically means that you can do what you like with it as long as you credit me as the original author and offer the same rights to anyone you pass it (or derivative work) on to. Click the license badge on the front cover for full details.

Take a look, see what you think. There’s a clickable email link on the last page where you can get in touch and let me know your thoughts. And, of course, if you want to see any of this stuff put into practice, you know where to come. Enjoy.



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2. Nick Fletcher - 1 August, 2008

Bit late to this one. Thanks Jay – looks really good

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