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A more human search 6 August, 2007

Posted by Jay Ball in search.

Way back at the beginning of the year in my un-predictions, I suggested that:

Social search (eg Wink and StumbleUpon) will become ever more appealing to many people who already trust their networks more than any old school search engine.

Well, while neither Wink nor StumbleUpon have made huge inroads, the latest announcement from Wikia (the people broadly kinda, sorta behind Wikipedia) could be very interesting.

Essentially, Wikia is looking to create an open source user-driven social search offering (there’s some kind of vicious acronym in there somewhere). They have recently acquired distributed web crawler Grub which uses users’ PC idle time to crawl the web. And, of course, Wikia knows a thing or two about harnessing user-driven content. Which could all lead to something pretty interesting.

BTW even as things stand right now, if you want a different spin than the results provided by the Yahoogles of the world, try searching in del.icio.us to see what others have already discovered.



1. Gimly - 9 August, 2007

I would really like to see something like what you talked about. I’ve tried stumbleupon and I wasn’t too impressed with it. of course, I got a lot of good content, but most of the time I just spent clicking on the stumble button because it took a while to get to something interesting. It would be very helpful if they designed a site which configures itself to the individual user.

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