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Top 10 mobile marketing campaigns 21 December, 2006

Posted by Jay Ball in mobile marketing.

Christine Herron at christine.net has a nice round up of the top 10 mobile marketing campaigns as presented at the recent Mobile Marketing Forum. She also outlines the key factors for a successful campaign. Worth a read.
Mobile marketing is still in its relative infancy. It’ll be interesting to see how consumers react over time to the different options on offer. The more traditional text-to-win approaches are relatively safe, it’s the consumer’s choice after all. But when we get into areas such as bluejacking and friend-call-a-friend techniques, acceptance will vary wildly from country to country as different cultures view privacy in very different ways.

The trick will be to truly engage the audience and not simply apply direct marketing or broadcast approaches to mobile. Personally, I believe mobile marketing should be part of a bigger integrated picture – that’s why I like the American Express Wimbledon Sponsorship as there was a wide range of other activity feeding in to the campaign. Whereas the have-your-vote approaches such as the Dove campaign feel a little shallow as a vehicle (although maybe there was more to it).

It will also be interesting to see what happens as we get greater bandwidth, the availability of ever richer media and the integration of technologies such as GPS into devices. Interesting times.



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