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Mood music for the web 2.0 generation 11 December, 2006

Posted by Jay Ball in pointless but fun.


This is nice. Musicovery is a Pandora-esque music discovery site that allows you to select playlists by clicking your mood. Choose from dark to positive and from calm to energetic and then watch it graphically spin out tracks in a very pretty Visual Thesaurus stylee.




1. david sloly - 18 December, 2006

A great idea and wonderful graphics but is it just my connection or is the audio quality a bit dubious

2. Jay Ball - 18 December, 2006

The quality for me was pretty good (well, as good as streaming audio ever is) – although maybe I was just bewitched by the graphics so that I didn’t notice.

It was certainly good enough as background block-out-the-monster-sound-system-in-studio-to-get-some-work-done kind of way.

Thanks for your comment.

3. Christopher Cocca - 5 May, 2008

that is pretty awesome.

4. ellaela-jg - 13 February, 2009

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