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Getting inside the bubble 28 September, 2006

Posted by Jay Ball in Us, web 2.0.

I have to admit it, I get fantastically excited by Web 2.0. As much as I love many of the companies that have appeared on the back of the technology, I love it for more nostalgic reasons too.

I got into this business back in the day when the web was just coming on-stream, got my first internet account with Compuserve, read my first issues of Wired and Mondo 2000, and believed this stuff was going to change the world.

Of course it has changed the world (almost universally for the better in my opinion) but it hasn’t been plain sailing. The hype behind the dot com boom eventually ended in a blaze of bankruptcies and business went off a cliff. We entered dark, cautious times that, frankly, weren’t much fun for anyone involved.

Which brings me back to nostalgia. Web 2.0 for me represents a renewed optimism. We have new companies being born every day (see TechCrunch US or UK for details). We also have some dying too (although generally with less VC cash attached this time). And we potentially have a redefinition of the relationship between companies and their customers.

But is it all just another bubble? Are we kidding ourselves into another over-optimistic version of the internet-as-nirvana argument? And will this really spell the beginning of a Cluetrain-inspired marketing 2.0?

This is probably the biggest conversation we’re having at Banner right now. Opinion ranges from the “this will change everything, starting now” end of the spectrum to the “only bloggers are influenced by bloggers let’s get on with the real job” end. We don’t have all the answers, I’m not sure anyone has, but it’s a really important conversation for anyone involved in technology marketing.

To this end, we having a bit of a get-together we’re calling Inside the bubble on the evening of 9th October. We’ve invited some friends, some clients and some smart people who have interesting perspectives Web 2.0. We’ve also booked out the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion (the cosmic egg as they’re calling it) just before it’s going to be closed and taken down. It should be pretty cool. It’s a panel discussion style event so no PowerPoint or endless speeches just the chance to ask people from the likes of TechCrunch UK, Google and etribes among others for their take on what Web 2.0 means for technology marketing.

Anyway, we’d love to see you there so consider yourself invited (click here to find out more and to register).



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