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Thank you 27 September, 2006

Posted by Jay Ball in Us.

After all the run up, the endless preparations, the extra pairs of socks, our Byte Night team came out the other side unscathed and raised over £5,500 in the process.

All eyes were on the weather on Friday as it looked like they might be better off building an ark than zipping up a sleeping bag. In the end it stayed dry and our team of Rod, Belinda, Nikki and Katie got a luxurious 4 hours sleep before being woken by the chimes of Big Ben and the joy of dew-sodden clothes.

A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored us, who let us cash in favours and who put in the hours to help make the event a success.

And it’s not too late to help us add to the total. You can donate here.



1. Laura - 14 November, 2006

Hi, sorry for a little offtopic but a friend told me about your site and it’s really great. So keep it up 😀

– Laura

2. Jerom - 20 December, 2006

I think you’re making a very good point there

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