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Top of the (viral) pops 18 September, 2006

Posted by Jay Ball in viral.

Viral Video Chart is a site that works out how contagious viral videos are by the number of times they are linked to or embedded in other sites.

From the site:

We scan several million blogs a day to see which online videos people are talking about the most. We count the number of times each video is linked to and the number of times each video is embedded. Every morning, after we’ve had a cup of coffee, we publish a list of the 25 videos that generated the most buzz over the previous day. We reckon this is a pretty good yardstick of what’s hot and what’s not.

Is it interesting? Yes (although discovering what’s hot is a depressing experience). Is it perfect? No. It doesn’t allow you search and there’s no way to find out any stats behind the vids (some mash-up with Google Trends or Alexa’s traffic rankings would be ideal here).

Personally, I prefer YouTube’s most viewed and most linked pages which give more information – albeit only from a single site. It will be interesting to see how Viral Video Chart evolves over time and whether it can add more depth to its offering.

Source: Xeep’s video on the net



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