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I always knew I was a Jedi 30 August, 2006

Posted by Jay Ball in pointless but fun.

At the risk of confirming the widespread suspicions that (a) anyone into technology is a Star Wars obsessed geek and (b) people in advertising have too much time on their hands, if you’ve got a Apple laptop you have to check out MacSaber.

Like many new laptops, Macs have a bunch of motion sensors in them. It’s these that recognise when you’ve managed to elbow your machine off your desk and which brace its innards for impact. But of course where there’s a sensor, there’s input. And this can be used to trigger other events. This is precisely what the geniuses behind MacSaber have used to turn their Macs into something far, far more interesting.

Thanks to Chee in our interactive team for pointing me to this one (and opening the door to more childish fun than a man my age has any right to).

For the curious (and those without Apple laptops) see the MacSaber in action below.

Normal service will resume shortly.



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